Latodolce is not only ready-to-eat and takeaway cakes but also a real workshop tailored to learn to have fun with the art of cooking. Natalia, with the help of her staff, organizes both pastry and salted kitchen courses, intended for adults and children, for individual private events or birthday parties. For some time, moreover, Latodolce is also “Business 4 help”: it is willing, if necessary, to program cooking classes on the farm: committing with the kitchen as a way to create cohesion, distension; as a corporate alliance strategy. Availability on request, fill the form below!!




4 / Italian cookies  40-

 11 / Handmade pasta (Taglietelle and Ravioli) 30-

18 /  Petit Fours (1 Step) 50-

25 /  Mini Chef make Meringues and Marshmallows  25-




3 / Italian cookies 40-

 10 / Handmade pasta (Taglietelle and Ravioli) 30-

17 / Petit Fours (1 Step) 50-

23 / Japan Sweet 40-

24 / Mini Chef make Meringues and Marshmallows  25-

30 / Cup cakes 30-


Availability on request, fill the form!

All courses start at 4pm   

All prices are in Euros
(plus MwSt. +19%)